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Fasten your seatbelt; Backtrack! We killed our Husband, Parent, and Benefactor. Now, accelerate slowly to the infinitesimal, sacred, scientific foundation of this entity, through eyes of MIT trained engineer, Gerald Schroeder. NASA, and NOAA will underscore those methodical principles! Don’t speed past lexicons made plain by Ancient Hebrew Research Center’s founder, Jeff A. Benner. Also, be prepared to come to a full stop upon the probability of alien visitation, hostile or friendly –– rethink thumbing your nose at the thought. On this, hear sacred scholars, Rabbi Tzvi Freeman, and Rebbe Menachem Schneerson, of “righteous memory, and anticipated Jewish Messiah. Can you imagine the Land of Liberty, –Widow, Orphan, Alien, & Destitute, displaced, scattered abroad, or even remaining here under distant rulers? We’re headed toward more clouds, earthquakes, and chaos up ahead; ––unaware? Change lanes; own up to greater than Covid–19 for ignoring the command: ––“LET MY PEOPLE GO.” Finally, look for flashing emergency caution lights herein, pointing to the prophetic warning to our Union: “ . . . progress introspectively, re–evaluate; act on past desired ascension toward greatness, before its prosperity . . . modify deeds;” . . . as global Prophet, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn admonishes; “avoid tragic repercussions dealt similar wicked nations.” Now, fasten those seatbelts; read ––go!

We Killed God: Widow, Orphan, Alien & Destitute: America

  • Paperback

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