Monsters are real, ghosts are real, they live inside of us, and sometimes they win” ...

                                        Stephen King…


It was the fall of 1954, And in River Springs, Indiana, a teenage boy named Henry Mitchell was living his life as best as he could. The town had only a little over 3,000 people, but to him it was the whole world. He was kind of a loner. He hadn’t had a true friend since grammar school, but it didn’t seem to bother him. He spent every summer and most of his free time during the school year helping his grandfather on his farm. Henry’s dad never hassled him about being over there all the time, because he felt Henry was learning from the best and whether he was there or at home, he was learning an honest trade. Henry would always hear his grandfather tell stories about the past, but his favorite were the ones about ghosts. Of all the stories he heard of ghosts, it never occurred to him just how real they could be until he met Kayla. And as for the citizens of River Springs, they were about to see that monsters do exist, and will soon realize what type exactly have been walking among them for so long…  

Unforgiveable Sins


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