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The investigation and Trial of Michael Jackson lasted from November 2003 to June 2005. Leading up to the trial was jury selection. A man named Jeffrey Welbaum was selected as a juror, more specifically an alternate juror. Jeffrey is a controversial juror due to the fact his mother in-law worked at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch and he was still selected as a juror. Jeffrey was able to keep his notebooks after the trial since he was an alternate juror. There were only several alternate jurors that had notebooks that fully documented the trial. This book is one of them which is a summary or shortened version of the trial that documents what Jeffrey found meaningful from trial testimony documented witness by witness. In 2006, Vincent Amen purchased the notebooks from Jeffrey Welbaum and later the rights to publish them as a book. There is a great value to the notebooks with positive implications. What does a juror note from Trial testimony to ultimately render a verdict? This question may have never been explored before prior to publishing these notebooks. For prosecutors and defense attorneys alike, these notebooks can be helpful in determining how to try cases. Based on all evidence shown and witness testimony, what a juror finds meaningful to note can provide a means to being more effective in organizing and trying a case.

Enjoy reading the notebooks and based on what is documented, try to come to your own conclusion or verdict.

The Michael Jackson: Trial Juror Notebooks


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