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The Holy Spirit inspired me to write my book. On January 30th, 2022 I was on my 20th day Daniel fast. The Holy Spirit put in my spirit to ask myself to take away the normal, what do you get? I couldn't understand him at first. He asked me again. Take away the normal what you get. I kept repeating it in my mind. I remember being at work. I was at my desk. I have a view of a bush right outside my window. I would see birds, butterflies, and bees fly over and sit in the bush. Then the Holy Spirit said, "Look at the birds on the bush." And I got it. It was amazing! I started thinking about all the different animals God created. For some reason, a giraffe stood out. With their long necks. And how they eat off the tree from way high. Then I started to think about how God created us. He created us in his own image. Special. How he gave us mouth, ears, legs, arms, hands, and eyes. And how we use everything on our body differently. It's amazing. I started thinking about creatures that survive only underwater. And others only on land. And how we, Humans, survive by breathing air. Everything God created is amazing.

Take away the normal. What Do You See? God's amazing creation.

Take Away the Normal -Production Cost


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