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To make sure all of our authors are taken care of evenly, the Alpha Publishing Team performs the work in the order it was received. For example, if the work received is #47, that means 46 other author revisions/jobs need to be worked on before we get started on yours. As a result, our standard turnaround time for all revision requests is generally 7-10 days, or earlier. If the author chooses an expedited turnaround time, the revisions request may be as early as 3-4 business days for most *expedited revision requests.

What are revision requests specifically?

Revision requests, which does NOT include editorial assessments, can cover any of the following items needed to publish your book:

1. Any changes or Revisions made any and all contents of a book's interior or exterior based on author suggestions on any and all of the following items below:

   a. Manuscript

   b. Front cover images

   c. Back cover images

   d. Interior content, ie. chapters, copyright page, index(es), other...

   e. Interior Images

   f. Book Description

   g. Author Bio

Standard Revision Requests


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