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Perception is a book that speaks a language that is prohibited by our society and our nations religious beliefs. This book will not only make you question things in this life, but hopefully motivate you to find your own answers as I have. This book is going to be unique to my perspective because of my experiences but will also be accompanied by universal truths that I have discovered along my journey. My goal is not entertainment, but hopefully you will be entertained. My goal for every reader is inspiration, motivation, and elevation of your thought process. I genuinely long for us to all seek the best version of ourselves so we can all connect benefit and grow from it. In this book we will be discussing topics such as religion, relationships, Gods, love, energy, death, intimacy, and drum roll sex. Well, I think that about covers it. Please read this with an open mind and know that everything is not for everybody. Well strap in and enjoy.

Perception - Production Cost


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