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While remaining true to aspects of the original story with beds, chairs, and porridge, this
unique story offers a delightful twist to the classic tale—Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
This is the story of three clever sisters, princesses, who discover that to preserve the
kingdom they were forced to leave, they must defeat their own queen. Together, with
magical stones from a mysterious hare, the sisters set out on a journey that will reveal their
ultimate destiny. Along the way they are introduced to a glassmaker, a wood worker, and a
rope maker. The sisters learn that by giving away something personal, they receive more in
return. They must also lose their way before they can know the true direction they are to
follow. Then, just as it seems the evil queen Moldyrocks will reign forever, the combined
patience and ingenuity of friends and family saves the day.

Moldyrocks and the Three Bears (production cost)


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