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EESHAN FARHAD was born in New York. He is a fourth-grader who suffers from anxiety and lives with his mom and dad, and a little sister. Eeshan really wanted a pet dog, but his parents refused to buy him one. Usually, Eeshan would just like to play with his friends and go on his iPad and Phone every day. Eeshan loved to read books such as Harry Potter, Dog Man, Big Nate, and Captain Underpants. One day, he wanted to write a book and so he began thinking of all the characters, plot, story, and more. Eeshan does not consider himself very smart, so he created a character based on himself, MIKE. Then in 2020, he began writing the book you all are reading right now. He based a lot of characters on his friends, family, and teachers. Eeshan very much wants to make the book into a series. He attends, "Newton Lee Elementary" of Ashburn, Virginia, and is in fourth grade. Eeshan has a very serious condition with his legs, so he has to exercise 20 minutes a day. 

Life of A 4th Grader


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