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Born and raised in Southern California she attended Canyon High School, in Canyon Country, California, pregnant at 17 years old she became a single mother at 18. After a bad first marriage she attended Casa Loma College a nursing college, graduated and received her Licensed Vocational Nursing degree all while raising her young boy.

In 1987, she married her present husband and continued her career in nursing. She worked as a pediatric nurse and eventually moved on as a Cosmetic Surgical nurse. In 1994, while assisting in surgery, the surgeon asked her to cut some sutures, she was unable to clearly see where the surgeon wanted her to cut. She immediately was seen by her Ophthalmologist and they found she had Starguardts, a retina disease. One day she was perfectly seeing the next day she was legally blind, her sight began to decline through the 90’s, now she is at the end of her retina disease and now classified blind.

​She reunited with her second stepfather Richard Robinson in late 1990’s who she always called dad. He was an Author from Alaska; he wrote several books about Alaska; his most popular book was “Light all Night”. During this time, she had long conversations with her dad about his writing and became interested in expressing her thoughts in writing. She is a first-time author, and this is her first attempt at writing a book. She attended the local college to learn how to use the computer as a legally blind person. She started back to the college again when her eyesight got so bad a keyboard is almost out of the question, she used several computer enhancement devices to finish this book.

Life is a RollerCoaster ( Production Cost)


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