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We are not defined by what impairs us, but by the results of the repair in us. Being damaged is when the body goes into destruction. This cycle of mutilation eventually interchanges, activating a defense mechanism, allowing the body to reboot to become operable again. Immiscible Damage is a collection of themed poetry that captures different levels of one being damaged or hurt, while experiencing a breakthrough of recovery. There are levels of being damaged and they are immiscible. The damages are incapable of being mixed because once they have been vibrated together, they can and will be divided into layers which become levels of reconstructing the body. First, we may experience a sense of fear when we are damaged by the outcome of a situation or change. Fear can cause us to become broken. But once we identify that we are indeed damaged because of how broken we may feel, we begin the repair cycle and become openminded of a chance to be better. We then become hopeful again, causing the body to experience love and its existence. Once love has been conquered and persevered, serotonin levels are increased. The brain then accesses a level so intense, full of life’s most ultimate pleasures, a level of psychedelic euphoria. Once euphoria is reached, your cycle of being damaged becomes obsolete.

Immiscible Damage (Production Cost)


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