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This book is about understanding where and who we come from. There are so many broken homes and relationships between fathers and their children. So many lives are turned upside down each year through divorce or parents walking away from their children. I wrote this book because I spent many of my days as a child, teenager, and even as a man trying to figure out what when wrong. Now God has revealed to me through His word just how important it is for us to know and understand where and
whom we comes from.

This book is cutting to the core of many issues that we face as we navigate through life without hearing the voice of the man we call “dad.” I wanted to take you into a deeper understanding about searching and finding the answers into knowing who you are, no matter if you are a man, woman, or a teenager. This book will allow you to see the tears and feel the pain of my life and quite possibly yours as well. One thing is certain though, you will have to face the truth about where and whom you come from. To know your dad, you must also know his dad.

I Come From a Man Who came From a Man


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