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Many years into the future, after a peak in the virus and the election of a new president, America slowly transitioned into the country we’ve come to know as Captionem. In Captionem, there is order and there is peace. Well, for the most part. There is one law, the Law of the Lucids, that causes a lot of trouble for its citizens and their government. Scarlett Latson is one of them. She’s always known the fact, and so have those around her. Though, she’s never known the extent to which being a Lucid would affect her life… or her death, rather. What starts as a normal day turns into a lifetime’s worth of secrets coming out at all the wrong times. Between her slightly mysterious family history and the truth about Captionem’s creators, Scarlett has a lot to figure out in not a lot of time. Will she be able to discover the truth and make it out alive? Or will this be the end of the line for the Lucids?



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