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The book is a daily devotion for those who wish to “change the relationship they have with their life.” It was originally designed for use within an addiction recovery facility. We found that many others were improving the quality of their life through these God inspired devotions. They are simply written and easy to understand, therefore easily applied to your life.

If we allow God into our lives, He will help us with our Relationships. Living in God’s will for our lives gives us the Integrity to walk through life with our head held high. And last, but not least, we need to find the Truth. We must put in the work to find the Truth and stop accepting what the world tells us.

We can use this G.R.I.T. FILTER to help us on the journey of changing the relationship we have with our lives. By asking four simple questions, we can avoid many of the “potholes” of life. Those four questions are:

Have I invited God into my decision process?

How will my decision affect my Relationships?

What will my decision do to my Integrity?

Have I done the research and found the Truth before I react?

Living a life with G.R.I.T. will give you joy as you “Transform the relationship you have with your life.” If you believe you have a terrible life, it will be terrible. If you work to change your outlook and become grateful for what you have, every day becomes a blessing.

It is my sincere hope that these devotional messages will be a blessing to you as you start to live with G.R.I.T..


David Douglas



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