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1975 - When Haoua and Joseph - a Muslim and Christian of Nigerien origin – fell in love, they did not think much about their religions' differences. They shared similar values, similar worldviews, and similarly a strong faith in God. This led them to travel around the world together and discover various cultures and countries, both doing what they loved. Joseph, as a distinguished career diplomat and Haoua, as a humanitarian dedicated to Africa’s poorest rural areas.Forty-five years later, blessed with four kids and three grandchildren and memories to last for a lifetime, everything in their lives seemed to be working for the better. A month after their wedding anniversary, the elderly couple developed Covid-19 symptoms. Due to safety precautions, they were admitted to different hospitals. Haoua said goodbye to Joseph just before paramedics put her in the ambulance. She entered the emergency room that evening, not realizing that it would be the last time she would be with her husband. But it is not the first time Haoua has faced a life-or-death situation.“Fighting and Beating Covid-19: Sharing an African perspective” focuses on her personal life accounts - as the wife of a Catholic diplomat, a mother of four, and a tolerant, open-minded Muslim woman – and explores all the past and present spiritual experiences that define who she is today. It is also a story about how religion and culture help us gain perspective, find solace and comfort in our lives, especially in times of unfathomable crisis.

Fighting and Beating Covid-19

  • Mrs. Diatta was born in Niger- a small landlocked country in West Africa.  Her goal in life did not include becoming the foreign service official that she became the moment her husband, HE Honorable Joseph Diatta, took on his career as a Diplomat.  Madame Diatta did not ever dream that she would travel and live-in places throughout the World both doing what they loved.

    For over 3 decades her husband Ambassador Diatta served as a devoted passionate career Diplomat from East Africa (Ethiopia), East Asia (China), South Asia (Pakistan), North America (USA).

    Having the extensive grasp of many languages added to her University studies in history and geography, afforded Mrs. Diatta the opportunity to teach and deeply engage with the people of each of the international communities in which she has lived.

    Traveling the world, discovering different cultures, also reinforced the distinguished couple intentions to carry on a legacy of improving lives in their beloved native continent, Africa.

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