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What is an editorial credit? An editorial credit is equivalent to one correction made on a manuscript. Alpha Book Publisher charges $1.00 per every 3 corrections made on your manuscript. As a result, if you authorized our Professional Editing Team to make 30 corrections on your manuscript, the cost of service would be $10.00 for the 30 corrections. Authorizing $20.00 of editing credits? 60 corrections.


$50 of editing credits? = 150 corrections.

$100 of editing credits? = 300 corrections.

$200 of editing credits? = 600 corrections.

$500 of editing credits? = 1,500 corrections.


The good news is you can buy any number of corrections on this page besides the reference point above. After purchasing the editing credits, please send an email to the Publishing Team to notify them. Within 3-5 business days of your purchase, your manuscript will then be re-assigned to a member of our Professional Editing Team to continue working on your book.


Turnaround time for continuing edits on your manuscript is dependent upon the total word count of your book, how many pages remain, and the order in which your book was received.

To make sure our Professional Editing Team have adequate time to assign the manuscript and provide rigorous editing on your book, we will need a 14-21 days additional turnaround time. If your book's editorial assessment is finished early, we will send you the finished manuscript earlier than the stated turnaround time above.



If edits were made to your manuscript, and you approved the edits there will be no refunds. However, if no work has been done on your manuscript after 21 days, or if your manuscript were sent to you delayed turnaround time, we will provide a refund on only the remaining corrections that have been purchased but not edited on your manuscript yet.

Editorial Credits


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