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“What meanth this?” is a scripture in the Bible where the Spirit fell on the people and   they began to speak in languages other than their own.   This was a peculiar and inexplicable event, just as the five or six -year -old getting sprayed with a fire hydrant water was incomprehensible to me as a child.   Through my lifetime I have found out why   this was happening, contributing circumstances that went on and continue to go on, and efforts to minimize the success 

 of minorities in America who were trying to gain basic civil rights.  

This is what to expect from the Book:

1. An exploration of events that led up to the civil rights protests, including slave revolts, abolitionist deeds, racial massacres, and evolving civil rights movements.  

2. An exploration of the development of    racial literacy.   Race-based behaviors are a profoundly complex social system.    Racial literacy that has little to do with being “progressive” or “open minded”; even when people believe they are “cool” with racial biases they may not be examining their personal racial filters that lie behind their understanding of the issue.  

3.An exploration of how racial bias, first describing it and then exploring how to dismantle it.  


From an academic perspective, Anti-racism refers to actions against racial hatred, against racial bias, against systemic racism, and against the oppression of marginalized groups.   Anti-racism is structured around conscious efforts and deliberate actions to provide equitable opportunities for all people on an individual and systemic level.   As a philosophy, it can be engaged with by acknowledging personal privileges, confronting acts and systems of racial discrimination, and/or working to change personal racial biases.

eBook: What Meanth this


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