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Grandchildren have a special kind of love for their grandparents, one that is built on a

lifetime of receiving their care and guidance and saturated with respect for their wisdom. So,

when my Grandmother suffered a stroke, I put aside my convenience and dedicated myself to

learning how to take care of her in return. This guide is meant to honor her memory and to share

my in-depth research and first-hand experience with others.

Dementia Your Familiar Stranger helps caregivers through the challenges of caring for

loved ones with Dementia or Alzheimer's Disease. It covers a range of topics including:

understanding the signs and symptoms of the many forms of Dementia, understanding the stages

and progression of Dementia, communicating with your loved ones, providing the best nutrition,

and tips for fun activities to do together. In addition, it gives voice to the importance of self-care

and making room for your own needs so you can better care for others. Its ultimate goal is to

help make this caregiving experience a more fulfilling one, both for you and your loved ones.

Dementia Your Familiar Stranger (Production Cost)


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