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The City of Chaos and Mayhem is set in St. Louis, Missouri, and features Kitty a 71-year-old feisty widow of a mobster named Vinny, Kitty is wild and free, rides a motorcycle, carries a stun gun, pepper spray, and her .45 caliber and won’t hesitate to shoot you in the knee caps if you get in her way. The city is turned upside down looking for a key that Kitty is not aware of and can bring down the mob and drug lord. Everyone thinks Kitty has this key and there is a race against time to find it or her best friend Ginger who has been kidnapped will die. 

Kitty’s daughter Shiloh hires an ex-con to help get to the bottom of it all. Her son comes home from the war with a letter from his deceased father explaining everything. In the mean time things start to heat up between the detective on the case and a jealous ex from the past.

City of Chaos and Mayhem


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