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This book sheds light on the inhuman reality from which the captive Sahrawis in Tendoufs camps in Algeria territory suffer from. The novel deals with the systematic destruction of women, men and children held against their will at the hands of the Polisario militia. Children are being exploited, brainwashed and deported by force to different camps in Latin American countries, where they are trained to take up arms against their mother land, Morocco. Even worse, the polisario militia deludes their families into thinking that their children will embrace a promising future after their return from these countries. They were, however, surprised to discover the falsehood of the polisario militia’s promises and decided to return to their homeland, Morocco. The novel also unveils the reality of slavery, oppression and deprivation suffered by the Sahrawi who have been captured for years in the Tindouf camps, where freedom and basic conditions for a decent life do not simply exist.

Chaos In Satan's Garden (Prod. Cost)


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