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It was a matter of going with the flow and avoid

missing any opportunities that come along.


Opportunity is like a fast ball. Do you swing or

let it pass? Time to decide is short.


My college advisor said you may work, go to

school or have a social life; your limit is two.


I saw all three as opportunities not to be missed.

I swung at all three.


I took solace in the rumor that A students work

for the Bs and the Cs own the company.


My autobiography encompasses three phases:


Age 06 - 28: School and military service.

Age 29 - 52: Employed and raised a family.

Age 53 - 82: Owned and ran my own company.


CM lessons learned; pages 18, 24, 28, 34 &39


Autobiography and History of ICM, CMII & IPE


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