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Guy Thomas is best known as inventor of S-AIS, the most impactful invention in the marine world since radar, but his life as a Navy "spook" was even more unusual and eventful. The first career officer of his classified field to step "Out of the Shadows" to describe operations at the tactical level in combat off Vietnam and on covert missions off Russia, Korea, China, and the Middle East, his very unique multi-service career as a subject matter expert on surveillance systems took him into the highest offices of the Intelligence Community. As the first officer to step "Out of the Shadows”, the security review took 19 months and involved the NSA, FBI, and CIA, plus the US Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard, as well as the National Security Council, all places he had worked for or with in a career of over 50 years.

He goes on to describe the origins and initial trials of Satellite AIS (S-AIS) A "must read” for National Security and Technical Intelligence buffs.

(Production Cost) B& W: A Silent Warrior steps Out of the Shadow


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