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1,560+ Major Book Publishers in the World - Country by Country

Updated: Jun 7

Whether you're a student, researcher, scientist, entrepreneur, SEO professional, B2B marketer, or an author looking to see which are the top publishers operating in your country of residence, feel free to check out our directory of more than 1,560 book publishers in the world, organized country by country - made just for you.

*If you're looking to be added to the list below, submit your publisher's business information to Alpha Book Publisher on their contact page:

This is why Alpha Book Publisher has provided valuable information about the vast number of major book publishers worldwide. By categorizing them country by country, it offers a comprehensive overview of the global publishing industry. This information is beneficial for authors seeking publication opportunities as they can identify potential publishers based on their geographic location.

For aspiring authors, knowing the major book publishers in their respective countries can be a valuable resource. It allows them to explore options for submitting their manuscripts, understand submission guidelines, and connect with publishers who specialize in their genre or field of interest. This information empowers authors to navigate the publishing industry more effectively and increases their chances of finding the right publishing house for their work.

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