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Son of A God: Abandoned

Abandoned for most of his life by his mother, lan McCloud will learn that another world exists outside the one he already knows when his mother, Brighid; mysteriously appears after 17 years of no contact at the orphanage he was sent to after his father's death. When his mother takes him home, he learns that all the Gods and Monsters exist, and his own mother is an Irish Goddess. During his training to become a Druid Demigod lan learns that the attacks throughout his life were not due to his “bad luck”, but because one of his mother's enemies is trying to kill him to regain the throne of Tir Nan Óg, the Irish magical realm and lan's new home. With the help of both his magical and mortal friends plan must try to defeat his mother's enemy, have a normal life, and prevent his new world from being revealed to the humans all the while he and his new friends are on the run from a God.

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